State Demographics

Texas is the second largest and second most populous state in the nation with an estimated population of 25,639,373 according to the 2009-2013 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. It should be noted that the number of individuals actually living in the state may indeed be more than estimated.

The United States Department of Homeland Security (USDHS) estimates that 1.8 million individuals reside in the state as unauthorized immigrants in 2011 (Department of Homeland Security, Population Estimates). This has an impact on our state demographics as this population has been reported as increasing over time. The USDHS estimates a population change of 60,000 annually that reside in Texas as unauthorized immigrants.


The total population of Texas is estimated at 25,639,373; when broken down by gender there are 12,729,156 males (49.6%), and 12,910,217 females (50.4%) in the state. The US Census Bureau, Population Division as of July 1, 2014 estimates a population increase to a total of 26,956,958 for the state of Texas.

Data Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2009-2013


The largest age group in the state of Texas is 25 to 34 years of age at 14.4% of the population, and the smallest age group is that of 85 years and over at 1.2%. The median age for the state is 33.8.

Age Group Estimated Total Percentage
Under 5 years 1,934,973 7.5%
5 to 9 years 1,954,747 7.6%
10  to 14 years 1,906,075 7.4%
15 to 19  years 1,884,547 7.4%
20 to 24  years 1,878,724 7.3%
25  to 34 years 3,690,303 14.4%
35 to 44 years 3,510,980 13.7%
45 to 54 years 3,435,096 13.4%
55 to 59 years 1,469,598 5.7%
60 to 64 years 1,237,984 4.8%
65 to 74 years 1,568,590 6.1%
75 to 84 years 848,059 3.3%
85 years and over 319,697 1.2%

Data Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2009-2013


The American Community Survey 2009-2013 estimates that of the total population in Texas, 97.7% claim only one race and the remaining 2.3% report two or more races. It is important to note that Hispanics fall under the race of White, and are later categorized byethnicity.

Race alone or in combination with one or more other races

Total population






Black or  African American



American Indianand Alaska  Native






Native Hawaiianand Other Pacific Islander



Some otherrace



Data Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2009-2013


As of 2013, the Texas State Data Center has reported that 43% of the state of Texas are Anglo, 39% Hispanic, 12% Black, and 6% Other (Texas Data Center, Age, Sex, and Race/Ethnicity Population Estimates, State and All  Counties). The category of “Other” is not clearly defined by the Texas State Data Center. The US Census Bureau, 2009-2013 American Community Survey estimates that 4,187,930 individuals in the state of Texas are foreign born, 66.6% are not a US citizen and 33.4% are a naturalized US citizen (U.S.  Census Bureau, 2009-2013  5-Year American Community Survey).

Data Source: Texas State Data Center 2013


In Texas, 65.3% of that state population 5 years  and over speak only English.  Of this population, Spanish  is second at 29.5% for language spoken other than English. Please see our regional demographics for specific data  on linguistically  isolated households.




Estimate Total

Speak English “very well” Speak English

less than “very well”

Speak only English 65.3%
Speak a language other than English 34.7% 59.0% 41.0%
Spanishor  Spanish Creole 29.5% 58.1% 41.9%
Other Indo-European 2.0% 74.7% 25.3%
Asianand Pacific Island 2.6% 54.3% 45.7%
Other languages 0.6% 71.0% 29.0%

Data Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2009-2013